Pediatric Resources

From milestones to temper tantrums, Cedar Park Pediatrics and Family Medicine has compiled a list of helpful resources from trusted health sources to help you when you would like to find our more information about a specific concern or issue with your child. This may be a good start for you, but you may also feel free to contact our office at any time with a question or concern about your child.

CPPFM Vaccine Statement
In an effort to reemphasize our vaccine policy, please note Cedar Park Pediatric & Family Medicine is committed to fully vaccinating all of our patients to protect them from preventable deadly diseases.

  • For families with unvaccinated children, our physicians will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns that you have regarding the CDC and school vaccination schedule.
  • Due to our strong commitment and belief in the importance of vaccines, we are not a good fit for families who are unwilling to commit to this schedule or do not wish to immunize at all.
  • Cedar Park Pediatric & Family Medicine will continue to accept new pediatric patients and retain established pediatric patients who have compromised immune systems, or have documented adverse reactions to vaccines and are unable to follow the fully recommended schedule.

Please read our complete vaccine statement and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding this policy. Read full CPPFM Vaccine Statement »

Recommended Immunization Schedules for Persons Aged 0 Through 18 Years

This schedule includes recommendations in effect as of January 1, 2016. Any dose not administered at the recommended age should be administered at a subsequent visit, when indicated and feasible. The use of a combination vaccine generally is preferred over separate injections of its equivalent component vaccines. Vaccination providers should consult the relevant Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) statement for detailed recommendations, available online at Clinically significant adverse events that follow vaccination should be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) online ( or by telephone (800-822-7967).

Birth through 18 Years and Catch-up

Adult Vaccination Schedule