Jacob LeBas, MD

    It is with sadness that we announce the departure of Jacob LeBas, MD from Cedar Park Pediatric & Family Medicine.  Dr. LeBas has been a wonderful asset to our clinic and the community for the past two years and we appreciate his service, commitment and the excellent care that has given to our patients.  He has decided to move back home to Louisiana to be closer to family as he and his wife raise their two young children.  Although he will be greatly missed, we understand that this decision is best for his family and we are grateful for the time we have spent with him.  We hope that you will join us in wishing him your very best in his new adventure.

    The last day Dr. LeBas will be seeing patients is on Wednesday, September 20th.   Our other pediatric providers will be available and happy to assume the ongoing medical care of your child.   Our electronic medical record system will make this transition seamless regardless of which physician you choose or to which of our convenient locations you take your child. As always, our staff is ready to answer your questions and provide assistance as you make your next appointment. If you have any concerns or would like further information, please feel free to contact our office manager, Cathie Adams, at 512-336-2777 x 127.

    We consider it a privilege and a pleasure to be the medical home for your entire family, and   we look forward to continuing the relationship that you already have with our family at CPPFM.


    The Providers and Staff of Cedar Park Pediatric & Family Medicine.