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We see patients through all aspects of life from newborns to adolescents to middle age and senior family members. We enjoy being a part of the family and providing the best care possible. Our mission is to deliver state-of-the-art healthcare to our patients through all phases of their lives with respect, compassion, skill, and sensitivity.

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COMING SOON: College Ready? Most Texas high schools and colleges require that students be up-to-date on their Meningitis vaccine. Schedule an Annual Wellness Visit to ensure your student is healthy and has fulfilled the vaccine requirement before they head off to school! If you cannot find an appointment with a provider online, please contact our office directly to book at (512) 336-2777.

Family Medicine Appointments

Everyone 12 years and older can schedule your Wellness Check, Follow Ups, Sick Visits, COVID-19 Vaccine, Flu Vaccine, and more online! We have two convenient locations in Cedar Park. If you need a same day appointment for urgent care needs and do not see availability here please call our office directly for assistance at (512) 336-2777.

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An Annual Wellness Check is the best way we monitor your health on a routine basis, as well as an opportunity to address any of your questions or concerns.

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We provide comprehensive care and personalized treatment plans to help you manage your chronic condition, such as Chronic Medication, Hypertension, Diabetes and more, to improve your quality of life.

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Fevers can happen overnight. Call your medical home for same day appointments for high temperatures, chills, dehydration, or other sick symptoms.

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We are happy to offer in-person appointments for our patients’ urgent care needs at our Ronald Reagan location!

To schedule an in-person appointment during our Saturday morning clinic, call our office at (512) 336-2777.

Please note there is a $25 after hours fee for this appointment. 

For urgent care needs, our providers are on-call during the weekdays for after hours care. Call our office at (512) 336-2777 to connect with one of our providers and schedule a telemedicine appointment or a next day in-person appointment.

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