Behavioral & Mental Health

Behavioral Health

Behavioral & Developmental Concerns

Pediatricians are trained and comfortable addressing many behavioral and developmental concerns. We proactively screen for developmental delays and atypical social development from a very early age, because we value early intervention. Parents need and deserve support, coaching, and great tools to handle difficult behavior and developmental challenges. Above these, we think parents deserve to be believed and validated when they have concerns.

Mental Health

Depression, Anxiety & Mental Health Issues For All Ages

Unfortunately kids face mental health challenges too. This is tough on their parents and siblings as well as the patient. We start asking screening questions about mental health early and often. We get to know your child’s temperament and follow their social/emotional development as well as their physical growth and nutrition. We take into consideration family history, family dynamics, and other factors that increase vulnerability to depression anxiety – factors like bullying, learning differences, ADHD. When kids show early signs of depression, we intervene early with mental health assessment, support, parent coaching and, if needed, medication management.