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Annual Wellness Check or Sports Physical?

What is a Annual Wellness Check?

Your Annual Wellness Check (sometimes also referred to as a Annual Wellness Visits, Yearly Check Up, Wellness Exam, etc.) is a yearly appointment with your primary care provider.
Most insurance covers an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) at no cost to you, in fact many plans also provide you rewards or premium discounts if you complete an AWV. A child’s AWV encompasses the school required Sports Physical and much more, and is also usually 100% covered by insurance.
Please bring any required wellness forms (Health Risk Assessment, Biometric Profile, School form, etc.) to your wellness visit. The focus of an Annual Wellness Visit is promoting wellness while identifying and addressing risks to prevent illness or injury.
This includes:
A health screening discussion
A risk review – General health counseling
A physical exam
Appropriate screening labs
Reviewing and updating vaccinations
Counseling on diet and exercise.
Your age, general health, and risk factors are utilized to determine any appropriate additional evaluation or testing.
Not included in Wellness Visit:
Acute illness or chronic conditions and associated medication refills require a separate visit. We will be happy to schedule a separate appointment to address those needs at the front desk after your wellness visit.

What is a Sports Physical?

A Sports Physical is not the same as your child’s Annual Wellness Check. A Sports Physical determines if its safe for a child or teen to participate in sports and is a limited review of your child’s well-being as it related to involvement in sports. An Annual Wellness Check is a compete exam which focuses on a child’s or teen’s overall physical and mental health, wellness and development.
Most insurances cover your Child’s Annual Wellness Check (AWC) at no cost to you. We can review your child’s immunizations, provide refills of medications, referrals to specialists, and assess and obtain needed laboratory, vision, and hearing screenings. During a Wellness Check, we can provide all of these services and fill out your child’s sports physical forms for school.
For more information check out our handout by clicking here.

2021-2022 Sports Physical Forms

Print the form needed out to bring to your appointment:
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